Koos Cuijpers, Head Instructor


• Owner Dutch Krav Maga Federation (DKMF)

• Owner DKMF Fight Concepts

• Founder en chiefinstructor Krav Maga Hybrid 

• Founder en chiefinstructor Hybrid Combat Systems

• Founder en chiefinstructor HCS-Eskrima

• High level Knife- & Stickfight instructor

• High level Pangamot instructor


Martial arts training and experience  

• 1st Dan Judo, former member of Dutch National Militairy Team

• Commando Krav Maga (Moni Aizik)

• International Krav Maga Federation

• Krav Maga Global


• Boxing & Kickboxing

• KAPAP with Avi Nardia

• Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection

• Rape Aggression Defence System (protection system for women)

• Defence Lab

• Krabi-Krabong (Weapon-based Thai fighting style)

• Doce Pares Eskrima

• Eskrima Concepts

• Balintawak Eskrima

• Sanda (Chinese militairy fighting style)

• Systema

• Combat Sambo


We do Krav Maga Hybrid & Eskrima for a greater purpose and want to share our passion with you